Monday, August 6, 2012

"National Sister" Kim Yoo-jeong supports the Olympics

The kid acts for the new MBC weekend drama "May Queen" sent a supporting message to the national athletes of the Olympics.
Kim Yoo-jeong, Park Ji-bin, Park Geon-tae and Hyeon Seung-min wrote a message on a cardboard and wished for the athletes' victory.
Kim Yoo-jeong wrote, "Nationa athlete's fighting! "May Queen" fighting!".
Park Ji-bin and Park Geon-tae also wrote, "We are always behind you" and more.
Hyeon Seung-min comforted swimmer Park Tae-hwan for his silver medal in the 400m race and said, "Don't be disappointed".

"May Queen" is being made around Ulsan and the cast of the drama are taking care to watch out for the Olympics besides their busy schedules.
About the referee misjudging some of the games, they ask the elder members of staff what's going on.
"May Queen" is about a woman who overcomes all sorts of hardships and grows up to become an ocean specialist. To be aired when the Olympics ends.
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