Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kim Jae Won Gifts ‘May Queen’ Staff with Hand and Body Lotion

With the weather getting colder and dryer, Kim Jae Won took this opportunity to give back to the hard-working staff of MBC drama May Queen

Kim Jae Won presented the staff with hand and body lotion to make sure their hands don’t crack from the harsh weather conditions during the drama’s outdoor shootings, especially with the seasonal change. 

The staff members are said to have been touched with Kim Jae Won’s presents, saying that he was a gentleman. 

Child actress, Kim Yoo Jung, who was also in the drama, had previously done the same deed, passing out moisturizing lotion that she was the model for to 100 something staff members so that they can take care of their skin. 

May Queen airs every Saturday and Sunday on MBC. 

Photo Credit: MBC 

Source: Yahoo News

Actor Jae Hee Reveals He is Indeed Married and Has a Son

Jae Hee opened up on the reports that he had been keeping quiet about his new marital status and about the fact that he had a son.

Star K Entertainment, Jae Hee′s agency, said through an official press release on October 23, "It is true that he′s been with the woman he loves, but rather than a ′secret′ it was more like a ′closed′ wedding."

Jae Hee acknowledged that he did indeed have a wife and child, but denied that he tried to hide the fact or keep it a secret.

He especially revealed he was worried the news would affect his drama MBC′s May Queen, saying, "I don′t want to harm the piece with a personal affair, so I′ll making this public announcement and move on to my acting."

He added, "It′s not a relationship I need to hide, and I′m happily living with the person who helped me in my time of need. I didn′t try to hide the fact; I just wanted to protect my precious person because she′s a non-celebrity."

"I′m surprised at how we made it into the news before I made the announcement, but I can talk about it boldly. I just didn′t make it known because I thought it was my own privacy. There was nothing special behind my hiding it. We registered our marriage, and my son′s birth was also registered."

His agency said, "In the process of making his comeback after his release from the army, he was pressured about having his personal life become an issue before his acting. Now, May Queen has gathered more attention because it′s at the top of ratings charts for its time slot and has been making a lot of issues. Since Jae Hee can′t take time off from his shooting schedule, he can′t hold a press conference or anything of the sort, so this is why we send this press release. Please continue to look warmly on him."

Jae Hee is currently appearing in May Queen with Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae Won and Son Eun Seo

Source: Yahoo News

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

'May Queen' Episode 2 Review

'May Queen' Park Ji Bin Shows Interest Towards Kim Yoo Jung 'Will Romance Start?'

Park Ji Bin showed that he has interest in Kim Yoo Jung. 

On the 2nd episode of the new MBC weekend drama 'May Queen'(screenply by Son Young Mok, produced by Baek Ho Min) that aired on the 19h, Kang San(Park Ji Bin) met Chun Hae Joo(Kim Yoo Jung) for the first time at the industry. After he saw Chun Hae Joo welding, he couldn't hide that he has interest in her.

Kang San personally was in search of Chun Hae Joo and met Chun Hae Joo at the factory that her father works at. Kang Sang showed interest towards her, but Chun Hae Joo said, "I can't believe there's such an ill-mannered person."
At this time, Chun Hae Joo's friend, Jang In Hwa(Hyun Seung Min) who has always been interested in Kang San appeared, and invited him to her house. However, Kang San said, "if I don't go with Chun Hae Joo, then I won't go to your house."

In the end, Jang In Hwa invited Chun Hae Joo, in order to bring Kang San to her home. Chun Hae Joo said, "I won't go," but Jang In Hwa forcefully invited Chun Hae Joo to her home.

"May Queen" Episode 1 Review

'May Queen' Ahn Nae Sang And Kim Yoo Jung's Weeping Makes Viewers Tear Up

MBC's weekend drama 'May Queen' made viewers tear up with their heart breaking weep.

On the episode of 'May Queen' which aired on August 19th, it showed debt collectors chasing after and beating Chun Hong Cheol (played by Ahn Nae Sang) who fled to Ulsan because his business went bankrupt.
On this episode, Chun Hong Cheol begged to spare him "just this once, and that he'll pay the money soon" but couldn't stop the beatings of the debt collectors. Hae Joo and Jo Dal Soon (played by Geum Bo Ra), and Chun Sang Tae (played by Kim Dong Hyun) tried calming down the debt collectors, but that wasn't enough. But Hae Joo wasn't discouraged by the big and scary debt collectors and said, "it's fine if you kill me or even sell me, so don't hit my dad anymore."

The debt collectors finally went away because of Hae Joo, and Hong Cheol started crying because of his situation. Hae Joo also cried because she was heart-broken by her father's tears.
Ahn Nae Sang and Kim Yoo Jung played father-in-law and daughter-in-law in 'The Moon That Embraces the Sun' and met again through 'May Queen.' The two don't share the same blood, but made the viewers warm inside by seeing them care for each other very much.

Kim Yoo Jung made a very big impression like the older actors and actresses by her mature acting skills.
On this episode, Chang Hee (played by Park Gun Tae) punched Il Moon (played by Seo Young Joo) who ordered Chang Hee's father around like a slave. 

 Source: Korean Portal

'May Queen' Lee Deok Hwa Kills Seon Woo Jae Deok And Makes Yang Mi Kyung His Own Wife 'Axis Of Evil'

 Yoon Hak Soo(Seon Woo Jae Deok) was killed by Jang Do Hyun(Lee Deok Hwa). 

On the first episode of MBC TV weekend drama 'May Queen' that aired on the 18th, Jang Do Hyun was seen destroying the family of Yoon Hak Soo.
One day, Yoon Hak Soo received a phone call from Jang Do Hyun saying run away, and he ran away with his family. Yoon Hak Soo told Park Ki Chool (Kim Kyu Chul) and his family to run away first, and remained.

At that time, Jang Do Hyun appeared and calmed down Lee Keum Hee(Yang Mi Kyung) and went to Yoon Hak Soo. Jang Do Hyun removed the group. Jang Do Hyun pointed the gun at Yoon Hak Soo who was showing him thanks.
Yoon Hak Soo said, "Hyung, why are you doing this?" He was shocked and died. Park Ki Chool saw everything and told Jang Do Hyun to just let him live. Park Ki Chool kneeled and said, "Please let me live, just think of my young son Chang Hee. I didn't see anything. I will shut my mouth forever. Whatever you do, you will do it." Yoon Hak Soo couldn't even close his eyes due to the betrayal.

Jang Do Hyun made a proposal to him and said to send  Seon Woo Jae Deok's son Hae Joo away. Hae Joo was then handed off to Chun Hong Chul(Ahn Nae Sang).

Lee Keum Hee was left alone and lost Yoon Hak Soo and Hae Joo. Jang Do Hyun asked, "Can you take care of these kids with me?" Lee Keum Hee replied, "Wouldn't it be shameful for their mother?" Jang Do Hyun replied, "More than that, the days thinking of you was harder. Lee Kum Hee was going to reject his proposal, but couldn't ignore the crying children.

Source: Korean Portal