Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kim Jae Won says, "I'll guarantee average viewer ratings of 15% for May Queen"

Kim Jae Won says, "I'll guarantee average viewer ratings of 15% for May Queen"

Recently Kim Jae Won said, "I'll Guarantee Average Viewer Ratings of 15% for May Queen. "

On August 6, the CAST and Crew Members of MBC TV's New Drama Series May Rites held at Queen ares Drama Studio in the MBC Ilsan Dream Center to Wish success to the Series.

At the rites, the cast members, Kim Jae Won, Lee Duk Hwa, Yang Mi Kyung, Lee Hoon, Kim Yoo Jung, and Park Ji Bin, the producer Baek Ho Bin, and the writer Son Young Mok of the series attended.

Lee Hoon, who hosted the Rites, said, "I Wish this Series CAN Become really popular, aiming at 60% of Average Viewer Ratings. "

Lee Duk Hwa said, "We always wish success to our new drama series, but I think real success comes step by step, not suddenly. I wish there's no accident until the end. I'll try my best. "

Kim said, "All MBC drama series I've appeared in never recorded average viewer ratings of below 15%. I'll guarantee at least 15% of average viewer ratings. "

May Queen, which is scheduled to start airing after Doctor Jin goes off the air, is about young people who dream of entering the new world, getting away from their parents' resentment and dark pasts, with the shipbuilding industry as a setting. It's also about the young people's ambition and love, betrayal and revenge, and fall and success. The series will start airing on August 18.

Source: Star News

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