Tuesday, July 31, 2012

‘May Queen" have a tight-knit story and attractive characters

The producers of MBC’s upcoming drama May Queen have been trying to tread carefully around the casting controversies surrounding its competitor, SBS’ Five Fingers.

Five Fingers was originally brought under fire for casting Joo Ji Hoon, who had previously been involved in a drug scandal, but most recently it got a beating for staying with the decision to cast T-ara’s Eun Jung even after the Hwa Young and T-ara outcast controversy sprang up.

A rep fromMay Queen’s production company said, “[The casting decisions] are being debated among the viewers, so we can’t really state our own opinion. We believe that the controversies could draw more attention to us or less attention to us.We only wish to compete with the quality and content of our  piece.”

On the disadvantage it faces due to the fact that its predecessor Dr. Jin falls behind A Gentleman’s Dignity in viewership ratings, Five Fingers’ predecessor, the rep added, “Some point out that we’ll be at a disadvantage because of the ratings we’ll be left with, but we don’t really care much for that. It’s enough that we have a tight-knit story and attractive characters. The child actors’ cute stories in the beginning will mix well with the drama’s attractions, such as its birth secrets and tangled love relationships.”

May Queen will start a few weeks after Five Fingers starts. It features the child actors Kim Yoo Jung, Park Ji Bin, Park Gun Tae, Seo Young Joo and Hyun Seung Min, as well as Kim Jae Won, Han Ji Hye and Jae Hee as the adult actors.

"May Queen" Child Cast Photos Attracting Attention and wild guesses who will be the next May Queen Couple?

May Queen

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

"May Queen" Kim Yoo-jung and Park Gun-tae on a bicycle date Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/may-queen-kim-yoo-jung-and-park-gun-tae-on-a-bicycle-date-45746.html#8a2DOSbkXkChoXFI.99

"May Queen" Kim Yoo-jung and Park Gun-tae on a bicycle date

Kid actors Kim Yoo-jeong and Park Geon-tae went on a date.
New MBC drama "May Queen" revealed a picture of Park Geon-tae and Kim Yoo-jeong on a date on the 27th.
The two created a unique atmosphere sitting together on a bicycle with the open ocean view as the background.
As if implying Hae-joo (Kim Yoo-jeong) and Chang-hee (Jae Hee) are something affectionate since they were of young age, Park Geon-tae is slightly bent forward with a shy look while Kim Yoo-jeong seems more mature about it.
Park seems blunt in his character but they look like a picture from a fairytale.
Producer Baek Ho-min requested a 'slightly affectionate' scene and they responded to it satisfactorily.
Meanwhile, "May Queen" will be aired in August with actress Han Ji-hye and Jae Hee as their grown up roles.

Source : star.moneytoday.co.kr... ( English )

Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/may-queen-kim-yoo-jung-and-park-gun-tae-on-a-bicycle-date-45746.html#8a2DOSbkXkChoXFI.99

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kim Jae Won Strong Side Behind His Gentle Look Will Be Revealed at May Queen"


“I’ll reveal my strong side hidden in my gentle look”
Actor Kim Jae Won solidified his determination before he starts filming MBC TV’s new drama series May Queen, which will start airing in August. This is his first drama series in a year.
In the series, Kim plays the role of Kang San, a man who has genius talent for remembering everything he’s interested in at once. After he finds out about a reason for his parent’s death, his personality gradually changes.
It’s been a year since Kim appeared in Can You Hear My Heart because it took some time to recover from his shoulder injury. He says, “My personality is very similar to Kang San’s. Kang San has both strong and gentle sides, and I think I do, too. If you’re too strong, you cannot survive.”
Kim also says, “There are only a few drama series with a shipyard as a setting. Because it’s about the heavy industry, you’ll be able to see things that you haven’t seen before. Many scenes, including the scenes of building ships and setting ships afloat, are created on a large scale. Because you can learn about ships that you didn’t know, it will be interesting to watch.”

May Queen is about young people’s ambition and love, betrayal and revenge, and fall and success, Working in a shipyard, they try to build their own life, getting away from their parent’s dark past. It will start airing in August after Doctor Jin goes off the air.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hyeon Seung-min former figure skater debuts with "May Queen"

Hyeon Seung-min debuts with "May Queen"

The cute figure fairy is attempting in a drama.
Figure skater Hyeon Seung-min joins MBC drama "May Queen".
She passed the audition and is going to make her debut as an actress.
She takes on the role of In-hwa, who competes and conflicts with Hae-joo (Kim Yoo-jeong).
Hyeon Seung-min showed off her skating skills in a skating scene during the drama shoot.
Apparently, she's adjusting well to the environment and expectations are high on her as her role is important.
"May Queen" will be broadcasted in August.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Han Ji Hye Says She’s Still as Skinny as Ever

After receiving some flak for her "curvier" figure, Han Ji Hye proved with a photo that she is still skinny and beautiful.

She posted on her Facebook page on July 20, ‘Today.. I made it to the top of live search lists as ‘plump Ji Hye’.. I’m actually really skinny! I’ll show you how skinny and pretty I am through my drama~~ See you soon!!^^’.

A photo was attached to the post, showing her smiling brightly at a café looking like a young college student. 

Netizens who saw the photo voiced their surprise, saying, ‘It was all a misunderstanding; you’re still beautiful’, ‘I can’t believe you’re really married’, ‘You must take care of yourself a lot’ and ‘I hope you come back as a new person.’

On July 19, Han Ji Hye made issues with her ‘plump’ self when a photo from the poster shoot of the MBC drama May Queen was released.

Han Ji Hye looked like she had become plumper than she originally was because of the shaky photo. 

May Queen will start airing sometime in August.

Source: Yahoo News

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Han Ji Hye Sparks Debate with Her New Curves

Han Ji Hye recently made issues with her ‘curvier’ body.

The official Twitter account of MBC’s upcoming drama May Queen tweeted a photo on July 17 with the caption, ‘This is a shot from the happy poster shoot. One for the waiting fans!’ 

In the photo, Han Ji Hye is shown laughing brightly, but she seems to have gained a bit of weight compared to how she was in her past as a supermodel.

Netizens have said, ‘She looks healthy’ and ‘Such a realistic and relatable body’.

Others have countered that whether she gained weight or not can’t be determined by just one photo. They said the camera angle also needs to be taken into account.

Han Ji Hye will be making her comeback as an actress with the upcoming drama May Queen, which will air in August. The drama will be about how the main character gets through many obstacles to become an ocean expert.

Photo credit: May Queen’s Twitter

Thursday, July 19, 2012

May Queen Official Poster

May Queen Official Poster
featuring Han Ji Hye , Kim Jae Won, and Jae Hee

Here’s our first look at the main cast assembled for the epic underdog success drama May Queen, starring Han Ji-hye (The Duo) as a woman who pulls herself up from a harsh life and makes a name for herself in the shipbuilding industry. Jae Hee (Color of Woman) and Kim Jae Won (Can You Hear My Heart) play the two men who war for her love. These two are actually buddies in real life — they were both in the 2001 drama Our House, and then in the army together. So I can see some friendly competition coming into play, and hopefully some behind-the-scenes bromance to boot.
Kim Jae Won says: “I was really happy to be cast along with Jae Hee. When you shoot with actors you know really well, you understand each other and take care of each other, creating better synergy.” Well as long as you guys leave the fighting onscreen and give each other hugs behind the cameras, I’m happy for everyone involved. Kim Jae Won plays the prickly second-generation chaebol, heir to the giant corporation at the center of the story. He’s described as loose and carefree, which I suppose you can afford to be if you’re a chaebol. Oh, and he’s also a genius. God forbid we have a plain ol’ chaebol WHO ISN’T A GENIUS. What would we do?
There’s no description for Jae Hee’s character, but it’s pretty safe to assume he’ll be the polar opposite, an all-effort workaholic type who made his own way in the world and probably hates guys who are geniuses and heirs to companies. Just a guess. And Han Ji-hye plays the heroine, an oceanographer who climbs her way up from nothing.
The show is currently shooting its childhood episodes with Kim Yoo-jung (The Moon That Embraces the Sun), Park Ji-bin (Boys Before Flowers) and Park Gun-tae (The King 2 Hearts), a trio of child actors worth watching in a drama of their own. The 32-episode series will probably feature quite the loaded backstory for a good number of episodes.
May Queen follows Dr. Jin and premieres in August on MBC.

Source:Drama Beans