Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Queen "Kim Jae Won & Han Ji Hye Funny BTS Cuts

I upload this video because i really love to watch Kim Jae Won and Han Ji Hye behind the scenes of their filming. The atmosphere between them is really good and fun. Although their love story on the drama only started at the late part, true friendship blossoms and develop from the very start of the series, so does in reality. Han Ji Hye is very comfortable while Kim Jae Won was being playful while filming. Seeing them happy make it worthwhile watching the whole series. I hope they will have more successful projects in the near future. I'll be looking forward for it. :) 

May Queen Lovestory "Kang San and Hae Joo" Happy Ending

May Queen Couple Kang San (Kim Jae Won) and Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) Love Story , twisted by fate and faced a lot of trials but manages to overcome all the consequences together.