Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kim Jae Won Strong Side Behind His Gentle Look Will Be Revealed at May Queen"


“I’ll reveal my strong side hidden in my gentle look”
Actor Kim Jae Won solidified his determination before he starts filming MBC TV’s new drama series May Queen, which will start airing in August. This is his first drama series in a year.
In the series, Kim plays the role of Kang San, a man who has genius talent for remembering everything he’s interested in at once. After he finds out about a reason for his parent’s death, his personality gradually changes.
It’s been a year since Kim appeared in Can You Hear My Heart because it took some time to recover from his shoulder injury. He says, “My personality is very similar to Kang San’s. Kang San has both strong and gentle sides, and I think I do, too. If you’re too strong, you cannot survive.”
Kim also says, “There are only a few drama series with a shipyard as a setting. Because it’s about the heavy industry, you’ll be able to see things that you haven’t seen before. Many scenes, including the scenes of building ships and setting ships afloat, are created on a large scale. Because you can learn about ships that you didn’t know, it will be interesting to watch.”

May Queen is about young people’s ambition and love, betrayal and revenge, and fall and success, Working in a shipyard, they try to build their own life, getting away from their parent’s dark past. It will start airing in August after Doctor Jin goes off the air.