Friday, July 20, 2012

Han Ji Hye Says She’s Still as Skinny as Ever

After receiving some flak for her "curvier" figure, Han Ji Hye proved with a photo that she is still skinny and beautiful.

She posted on her Facebook page on July 20, ‘Today.. I made it to the top of live search lists as ‘plump Ji Hye’.. I’m actually really skinny! I’ll show you how skinny and pretty I am through my drama~~ See you soon!!^^’.

A photo was attached to the post, showing her smiling brightly at a café looking like a young college student. 

Netizens who saw the photo voiced their surprise, saying, ‘It was all a misunderstanding; you’re still beautiful’, ‘I can’t believe you’re really married’, ‘You must take care of yourself a lot’ and ‘I hope you come back as a new person.’

On July 19, Han Ji Hye made issues with her ‘plump’ self when a photo from the poster shoot of the MBC drama May Queen was released.

Han Ji Hye looked like she had become plumper than she originally was because of the shaky photo. 

May Queen will start airing sometime in August.

Source: Yahoo News

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Han Ji Hye Sparks Debate with Her New Curves

Han Ji Hye recently made issues with her ‘curvier’ body.

The official Twitter account of MBC’s upcoming drama May Queen tweeted a photo on July 17 with the caption, ‘This is a shot from the happy poster shoot. One for the waiting fans!’ 

In the photo, Han Ji Hye is shown laughing brightly, but she seems to have gained a bit of weight compared to how she was in her past as a supermodel.

Netizens have said, ‘She looks healthy’ and ‘Such a realistic and relatable body’.

Others have countered that whether she gained weight or not can’t be determined by just one photo. They said the camera angle also needs to be taken into account.

Han Ji Hye will be making her comeback as an actress with the upcoming drama May Queen, which will air in August. The drama will be about how the main character gets through many obstacles to become an ocean expert.

Photo credit: May Queen’s Twitter