Thursday, October 25, 2012

Actor Jae Hee Reveals He is Indeed Married and Has a Son

Jae Hee opened up on the reports that he had been keeping quiet about his new marital status and about the fact that he had a son.

Star K Entertainment, Jae Hee′s agency, said through an official press release on October 23, "It is true that he′s been with the woman he loves, but rather than a ′secret′ it was more like a ′closed′ wedding."

Jae Hee acknowledged that he did indeed have a wife and child, but denied that he tried to hide the fact or keep it a secret.

He especially revealed he was worried the news would affect his drama MBC′s May Queen, saying, "I don′t want to harm the piece with a personal affair, so I′ll making this public announcement and move on to my acting."

He added, "It′s not a relationship I need to hide, and I′m happily living with the person who helped me in my time of need. I didn′t try to hide the fact; I just wanted to protect my precious person because she′s a non-celebrity."

"I′m surprised at how we made it into the news before I made the announcement, but I can talk about it boldly. I just didn′t make it known because I thought it was my own privacy. There was nothing special behind my hiding it. We registered our marriage, and my son′s birth was also registered."

His agency said, "In the process of making his comeback after his release from the army, he was pressured about having his personal life become an issue before his acting. Now, May Queen has gathered more attention because it′s at the top of ratings charts for its time slot and has been making a lot of issues. Since Jae Hee can′t take time off from his shooting schedule, he can′t hold a press conference or anything of the sort, so this is why we send this press release. Please continue to look warmly on him."

Jae Hee is currently appearing in May Queen with Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae Won and Son Eun Seo

Source: Yahoo News